Non-profit association aimed at promoting irrigation in Spain through collaboration between the scientific-technical, business , institutional sectors and irrigation water users.

Mission, vision and values


Generate ideas that strengthen and promote the irrigation sector through collaboration among its agents. In this way, the aim is to contribute to the progress and welfare of society.

Main objectives:

    1. Facilitate the networking among the different agents in the sector.
    2. Promote the generation and dissemination of knowledge.
    3. Promote the sector’s capabilities and expertise.


Collaboration among its associates generates ideas capable of catalyzing subsequent actions by the sector’s agents aimed at its continuous improvement.


  1. Scientific and technical nature.
  2. Multidisciplinary character.
  3. Open and transparent.
  4. Flexibility and simplicity at work.
  5. Networking.
  6. Non-profit activity.
  7. Low-cost operation.
  8. Independent nature.
  9. Ethical and responsible behavior towards people and nature.